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Overall solutions

Vitavel JSC offers complete packing solutions and services in packaging – consulting, concept, conceptual design, design, production and delivery on site. These packing solutions provide our clients with a product, which is the result of the integration of all processes in one and has high quality and reasonable price.

complete packing solutions



Vitavel JSC provides advice in the field of packaging on issues related to the planning of the packaging – selection of packaging materials
and packaging forms for each individual product of the client.



Basically, the packaging concept determines the type of the packaging and what it is going to provide for the given product. After that, decision should be made for the additional elements – size, form, material, color and trade mark and the utilization of methods to eliminate forgery. All elements of
the packaging should match the price, the promotional and other marketing elements of the product.

Conceptual design


The creation of design from zero is one of the most difficult moments in packaging. Often this is beyond the abilities of a single person hence we ask the services of competent professionals. For each project, after thorough examination of the assignment, the specific nature of the design and
the client's needs we offer 2 to 3 alternatives.



Due to the specific nature of the flexoprint, 70% of the end result depends on the correct design and pre-print. Unlike offset print, the growing of the screen dot in the flexoprint is 35-40%, which seriously distorts the gradation curve. That is why processing is very important before color separation and ma-
king of stereotypes.



Vitavel JSC relies only on the highest standards in the production of corrugated board and packaging and constantly promotes them on the market. Control at each stage of the production cycle guarantees an end product meeting the standards established by Vitavel.

Delivery on site


Our Company has its own car fleet with capacity from 1.5 to 24 tons, which allows delivery of the necessary packaging materials and packaging at any time everywhere in the country.