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corrugated board
Corrugated board

Two – three – five layer corrugated board and micro corrugated board. В, С, Е, ВС, ВЕ and СЕ flutes, white and brown top. Possibility for a variety of combinations of paper.


One-layer, two-layer and three-layer packaging with flexo or intaglio print, suitable for packing of foodstuffs, chemical and cosmetic products and a variety of cardboard products.

paper bags
Paper bags - Coming soon

Paper bags meet all ecological standards with their high recyclability and environ-
mental compatibility.

display units
Display units

We develop, construct and produce display units, individually tailored to your product, of high quality paper and with multicolor print.


We can produce almost any product requiring print, die cut, folding, gluing and any other finishing works such as laminating.

overall solutions
Overall solutions

Vitavel JSC offers complete packing solutions and services in packaging – consulting, concept, conceptual design, design, production and delivery on site.